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Wooden house H5




fahazak-bedoWooden house H5

fahazak-case-din-lemn-h5.1Wooden house H5


fahazak-bdt-3Wooden house H5

fahazak-case-din-lemn-h5.2Wooden house H5


fahazak-btalapWooden house H5-ground plan

fahazak-bdt-2Wooden house H5


fahazak-btemeletWooden house H5-upstairs



Please contact us for a quote!


Our products are covering a very wide range. The plan of the house can be constructed to individual needs and requests.

We also encourage customer's plans, designs and specifications. Our qualified team can offer their expertise within

short times if needs. For more information, please contact us.
We can modify customer designed house to specifications, but customers can choose from our wide range plans.





fahazak-bedo9Wooden house H5

fahazak-bedo11Wooden house H5 fahazak-bedo8Wooden house H5

fahazak-bedo5Wooden house H5

fahazak-bedo-epites2Wooden house H5 fahazak-bedo-epitesWooden house H5
fahazak-bedo12Wooden house H5 fahazak-bedo13Wooden house H5 fahazak-bedo-epites3Wooden house H5
fahazak-bedo10Wooden house H5

fahazak-bedo7Wooden house H5

fahazak-bedo6Wooden house H5

fahazak-bedo3Wooden house H5

fahazak-bedo2Wooden house H5

fahazak-bdt-1Wooden house H5